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Island of Pain - A podcast with in-depth interviews of BDSM practitioners

Every human has a story to tell and this is the story of slave scarlett, a slave who decided to leave her old life behind and move to Sweden so she could live with her Master in a TPE relationship.

slave scarlett explains what made her do a radical change to her life, where her interest in BDSM started and how her religious upbringing might have affected her way of being as a submissive. Being a submissive and not able to find someone who can help you channel your will to submit is frustrating. She also gives as an insight into what the driving forces are behind her slavehood and how she finds satisfaction in living in a TPE relationship.

slave scarlett has done a remarkable journey, as a slave and as a human being, and this is her story.

We also talk about the following topics:

Who has inspired her the most

The perils of coming out to your family

The choice of being a 50s wife in a society which doesn’t accept that kind of choice

The saddest day of her life

The happiest day of her life

What will her life look like in 5 years

The purpose of the Island of Pain podcast is to give an in-depth look into the lives of people living in the BDSM lifestyle through personal and revealing interviews.

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